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Filters component

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The component class that uses the usf.templates.filters template to render the facet filters.


facets type: Objectrequired
The facets object pulled from the indexing server.
facetFilters type: Objectrequired
The selected filter values.
collapsed type: Objectrequired
The object containing the collapsed facet filters.
loc type: Objectread-only
The localization object storing localized strings.
isEmpty type: Booleanread-only
true if the returned data is empty; otherwise false.


onMobileBack void onMobileBack(close: String)
Invoked when user clicks on the Back button in mobile mode. If the close parameter is true the mobile drawer is closing; otherwise false.
applyFacetFilters void applyFacetFilters(facetFilters: Object)
Applies the specified facetFilters to the filters.
removeAllFacetFilters void removeAllFacetFilters()
Clears all facet filter values.

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