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Currency Converter Plus and Sobooster Search & Filter

The Currency Converter Plus and Sobooster Search & Filter integration provide the ability to automatically detects your customer's country and show prices in their local currency. It converts all prices on your store and requires no configuration.

Integration benefits

  • IP geolocation from high-quality IP databases with constant updates.

  • 222 available currencies, including cryptocurrencies and precious metals.

  • Exchange rates are updated every minute from reliable providers.

  • Easy configuration of styles, rounding, menu button, and many more.

  • Compatible with the most used Shopify Markets configurations.

How to integrate

  1. Install the Currency Converter Plus app from the Shopify App Store.

  2. Ensure the app is working on the theme that you want to use with Sobooster Search & Filter.

  3. From our app dashboard, navigate to Plugins.

  4. Turn on the BEST Currency Converter integration.

Currency Converter Plus

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