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Free Gifts BOGO and Sobooster Search & Filter

The Free Gifts BOGO and Sobooster Search & Filter integration helps turn visitors into customers and encourage them to purchase more. BOGOS is a fully customizable gifting solution with various offers available, including free gift, BOGO, buy x get y, gift with purchase, buy 1 get 1, and many more.

Integration benefits

  • Free gifts: Encourage customers to spend $200 to get a free gift

  • Gift with purchase: Purchase specific product A to get gift B

  • BOGO: Purchase one product to get another automatically added

  • Auto-add free gift to cart: A gift will be automatically added to the cart

  • Use alongside discount code: Discount codes can be used with BOGOS

How to integrate

  1. Install the Free Gifts BOGO app from the Shopify App Store.

  2. Ensure the app is working on the theme that you want to use with Sobooster Search & Filter.

  3. Contact us via chat or email at to enable the integration.

14 Days Risk Free Trial. No credit card required. Cancel anytime.

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