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How to handle some special cases

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Use product URL instead of collection URL

By default USF uses collection URL like mystore.com/collections/cool/my-product to navigate to a product when user clicks on an item. You can change it to product URL by setting usf.platform.useProductsUrl = true (add this to the init function).

Get current collection

You can get the current collection URL name in USF using usf.platform.collection. If you need to get the collection object which contains collection title, sort order, and description, use usf.collectionsByUrlName[usf.platform.collection]

Refresh the search result

If you use an AJAX pager to switch between collection pages, you can call usf.search.refresh() to refresh the search result after you switched to a new page. If you got any error, your store may have the old version of our Javascript API. In this case, please contact our team for help.

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