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Langshop and Sobooster Search & Filter

The Langshop and Sobooster Search & Filter integration makes your store multilingual and allows you to generate translated content for your store resources automatically, such as products, categories, etc, and completely free you from routine doing that manually.

Integration benefits

  • Machine AI (Google, DeepL), agency & manual translation with in-built glossary.

  • Translate images, third-party apps, and checkout. RTL languages (Arabic/Hebrew).

  • Prices convert automatically, helping customers shop in their local currency.

  • Custom language/currency switcher. Geolocation-based language/currency switching.

  • Organic search boost with multilingual SEO: meta fields translated.

How to integrate

  1. Install the Langshop app from the Shopify App Store.

  2. Ensure the app is working on the theme that you want to use with Sobooster Search & Filter.

  3. Follow the step in Translation to enable multiple languages.

  4. Contact us via chat or email at to enable the integration.

14 Days Risk Free Trial. No credit card required. Cancel anytime.

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