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Growave and Sobooster Search & Filter

The Growave and Sobooster Search & Filter integration allows customers to save and share their favorite items on your Shopify store. Enable customers to create multiple lists through the Wishlist tab or page. Run marketing campaigns to convert shoppers' intent to sales.

Integration benefits

  • Add the Wishlist widget and let shoppers save items from product pages, collections, and the homepage.

  • Send personalized emails with powerful buying triggers to turn wish lists into conversions.

  • Spotlight popular wish list items and add social proof by displaying how many people added each item to wishlists.

  • Incentivize customers by rewarding them with loyalty points, discounts, cash, and free shipping for sharing their wishlist via email or social media.

How to integrate

  1. Install the Growave app from the App site.

  2. Ensure the app is working on the theme that you want to use with Sobooster Search & Filter.

  3. From our app dashboard, navigate to Plugins.

  4. Turn on the Growave integration.


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