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Compatibility with Shopify Market

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Shopify Markets simplifies cross-border management by allowing you to handle international markets from a single store. You can set up multiple stores within one Shopify instance and use features such as multi-currency support, market-specific pricing, and product inclusion/exclusion to optimize your markets. Additionally, stores can be set up in multiple languages for added convenience.

Sobooster Compatibility with Shopify Market

Here are the features that Sobooster supports and does not support in Shopify Market.

Features supported by Sobooster

  1. Sobooster supports multiple markets with different currencies and prices dependent on the automatic conversion from Shopify conversion rates.

  2. Sobooster supports the following ways to change product prices in Shopify Markets:

    • Market-level price adjustment for all products.
    • Setting up product-specific fixed prices.

    See the attached screenshot for reference:

    shopify market price adjustment

  3. Sobooster supports excluding or including products per market in the Shopify markets feature. See the attached screenshot for reference.

    shopify market exclude products

  4. There are a couple of things to consider for international markets or markets with multiple countries. You can choose to show prices to customers in their local currency at the Market level by selecting the "Show prices to customers in their local currency" setting. We do support geolocation-based prices when this setting is checked. If this setting is unchecked, we also support them.

    show localized prices

Features not supported by Sobooster

All features of the Shopify Markets are supported in our app.


I updated the market-level price for all products but your app isn't reflecting the changes on the storefront

Our app doesn't receive notifications from Shopify when you adjust prices in this manner. Therefore, please wait for at least 2h for our to get the updates.

I updated the fixed price for a variant but the storefront does not get the update

Just like with price adjustments, we also don't receive notifications from Shopify for this update. Please wait for our app to automatically fetch the updates from Shopify.

The syncing process may take a while, as it requires the entire catalog to be reindexed.

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