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Filter by tag in Shopify

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Using product tags for filters on your Shopify store provides an efficient and organized way to create thematic filters and multi-layered filters for collections, improving the browsing experience for your customers. With product tags, you can easily categorize and filter products based on specific attributes, making it convenient for customers to find relevant products and make informed purchasing decisions.

Create tags in Shopify Admin

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products.
  2. Click the name of the product that you want to filter using Tags. For example, you want to filter a product with Style using Tags.
  3. In the Product organization section, go to Tags. Enter a tag as "Style:Vintage" with "Style:" as a prefix. Click Save.
  4. Open other specific products that you want to add the "Style" tag and add the corresponding "Style" information with the prefix "Style:" by following the three steps above.

Create a "tag" filter

  1. From our app's admin, go to Filters.

  2. Click on the filter group that you want to create a "tag" filter option.

  3. Click Add filter.

  4. Click on the Option type dropdown and look for Tags. You can type Tags in the search box to find it faster. add filter with product tags

  5. If your tag is using prefix, type the prefix in the prefix box. For example, if you have a tag "Style:Vintage", you should type "Style:" in the prefix box.

    This prefix is exclusively used for filtering relevant products and will not be displayed on your storefront. For example, if products are tagged with 'occasion-work', 'occasion-casual', and 'occasion-going out', the prefix 'occasion-' will instruct our system to retrieve only those tags that start with 'occasion-' and extract the values after the prefix (work, casual, going out).

  6. Enter the Label for the option type. This label will be displayed as Filter Option on the front store.

  7. Select the display mode: List, Box, or Swatch filter Shopify products by tags

  8. If you want to insert specific values to this filter option, toggle to enable Use manual values. Select values to show in the filter option. add manual product tag values to filter

  9. Choose Multiple selection if you allow users to apply multiple filter values at the same time.

  10. Choose to exclude the values that you don't want to show up in this filter option.

  11. Click CREATE to complete the process and check how new settings appear on your storefront.

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