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Do you provide the option of an annual subscription or a one-time payment?

We're sorry, but we don't currently offer an annual pricing plan or a one-time payment option. However, we do have a range of monthly plans available for those who want to upgrade from our free trial. You can choose the plan that best suits your business needs.

What should I do when I have a question about my invoice?

Shopify stores

If you have any questions or concerns about your invoice, please contact Shopify for support as soon as possible. Our app is available in the Shopify App Store, and all charges for the app are processed through Shopify's merchant invoicing system. We do not receive payments directly from merchants, as Shopify handles all transactions and chargebacks once a merchant initiates a charge.

BigCommerce stores

Please contact our team at support@sobooster.com or our chat agent for assistance.

Do you offer a refund policy?

We highly recommend that our users take full advantage of the 14-day trial period and our comprehensive support system. By doing so, you'll have the opportunity to thoroughly explore and evaluate the benefits of Sobooster Search & Filter for your business before making the decision to upgrade to a monthly subscription.

However, if you decide to stop using our app for whatever reason, you may always ask for a refund for ONE most recent billing cycle.

How are products calculated?

We calculate your plan based on the number of products in your store. In case you enable the Show variants as products feature, the total number of variants in your store is used regardless of which product options you select.

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