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What is a Search field?

A search field is an attribute that can be used for searching and filtering. It can be Product title, Description, Product type, Vendor, Tag, Collection, Product options, SKU, barcode, Custom field, and Metafields. You can view all available search fields in Settings -> Search index.

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Turn on/off a search field

Enabling or disabling a search field makes it available or unavailable for searching and search suggestions, as well as for filtering with the associated filter.

To turn on/off a search field, please follow the steps belows:

  1. Navigate to Settings / Search index
  2. Click on the button at the right of the search field you want to turn on/off.

If you wish to retain the filter but do not want customers to search by this field, you can disable the 'Search by this field in search results' setting.

If you want to prevent the field from being used as a search suggestion, you can disable the 'Use this field as search suggestion' setting.

Changing the priority of a search field

Adjusting the priority of a search field determines its ranking in the search results. For example, if you want the product title to have higher priority than the product type, you can set the priority of the product title to 1 and the product type to a value lower than 1. When searching, the search engine will prioritize the product title over the product type.

To change the priority of a search field, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings / Search index.
  2. Click on 'Expand settings' below the search title whose priority you want to change.
  3. In the Weight input box, enter the desired priority value.

Transform values

This feature allows you to transform the original values in various ways:

  • Delimit: Splits the values into multiple values using a specified delimiter. For example, if you want to split the product types into multiple values using a comma as the delimiter, you can enter a comma in the Delimit input box.
  • Trim: Removes defined text from the beginning or end of a value. For example, if you want to remove underscores '' from a product type like 'Dress', you can enter '' in the Trim input box. The final value in this example would be 'Dress'.
  • Replace: Replaces values with a new value. For example, if you want to replace the word 'red' with 'blue', you can enter 'red' in the "Text to find" input box and 'blue' in the "Replace with text" input box.
  • Remove: Removes specific text from a value regardless of its position. For example, if you want to remove the word 'red' from 'red carpet', you can enter 'red' in the Remove input box.
  • Lowercase: Converts the values to lowercase.
  • Uppercase: Converts the values to uppercase.

The transformed values are returned in search results and used in the "Transform index value" field below. This helps you standardize your products without manually editing your catalog in Shopify and BigCommerce.

Transform index values

This feature allows you to transform the index values by delimiting, trimming, replacing, removing, converting to lowercase, and converting to uppercase. Index values are added to our index storage for Search and Instant Search purposes only. This helps eliminate unwanted phrases from your product fields during searching, while preserving the original data displayed to your customers. For instance, you can remove the word 'red' from your product title during searching, but the product title shown to your customers remains unchanged.

Adding/Removing search fields

Adding or removing search fields only applies to metafields. You can learn more about this in the add metafields documentation.

After editing the search fields, click the Sync button to synchronize the data. Once the synchronization is complete, press F5 in your browser to reload the search fields.

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