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Search settings

The search settings enable you to customize the search experience on your storefront.

Search results page URL

This setting determines the default page to which Sobooster Search will bind and render search results. If you use Theme Setup's Automatic installation to add the widget to a supported theme, the URL "/search" will be used for that theme regardless of this option.

Show search input box on search page

Enable this option to display the search input box on the search page.

Show search input box on collection page

Enable this option to display the search input box on the collection page.

Show alternative image on hover

Enable this option to show an alternative image when the user hovers over a product. The alt image is not shown when a product variant matches the search conditions.

Show vendor in search result products

Enable this option to show vendor information in search result products.

Show sale label

Enable this option to show a "Sale" badge. You can change the title in the Translation section.

Show sold out label

Enable this option to show a "Sold out" badge. You can change the title in the Translation section.

Change browser URL when filters or search term changes

Enable this option for Sobooster Search to change the URL in the browser address bar whenever a user changes filter option values, sort order, or search term.


Pagination Type: Choose how your customers can view more product listings when they scroll to the bottom of the page from the following options:

  • Load more: Show a "Load More" button for users to click and load more items.
  • Infinite scroll: Let users scroll down to see more products.
  • Classic: The product list will be split into multiple pages, each containing a fixed number of items.

Number of items per page

Define the number of items to show per page, with a minimum value of 1 and a maximum value of 40.

Image size type

Specify the image size type using the following options:

  • Original: Use the original image URL.
  • Dynamic size: Follow the theme settings by using the srcset attribute.
  • Fixed: Use a fixed image size regardless of your theme settings.

Metafields returned in search results

List the metafields that are returned in the search results. Use this option to limit the metafields returned in the search result to reduce the response size and improve search performance. A metafield is defined as <Namespace>.<Key>, e.g., MyNamespace.MyKey

Price unit

Specify the price unit that is appended after a price, e.g., if your price is $100 and this is set to "Per Yard", your customers will see "$100 Per Yard".

Broad match

Enable this option to use a broad match algorithm to search for items. The default is off.

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