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Create filter option

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Step 1: Select the filter group that you want to add filter option

  1. From your admin dashboard, go to Filters.

  2. From the Filters page, select the filter group that you want to add filter option.

edit shopify filter group

Step 2: Add filter option for the filter group

  1. Click Add filter.

Add filter option

  1. Select Option type. The option type is automatically derived from your product attributes.
  1. Enter the Label for the option type. This label will be displayed on the storefront.

    Filter option label

  2. Choose the option display, including List, Box, Range, Swatch. The display type depends on the Option type you set up above.

  3. Choose Multiple selection if you allow users to apply multiple filter values of the same type

    Narrow down filter option values: Only applied for filter by tags, and Multiple is TRUE. When checked, this operator is used to narrow down the value in that filter option. The products in the results must have the selected filter values. FALSE if products in the results must not have the selected filter values

    For example: you have some products in 100% cotton, some in 70% cotton and 30% polyester, and some in 100% polyester. When narrow-down is enabled, users can select cotton and polyester to see products with both attributes. If narrow down is displayed, users can find products that have either cotton or polyester.

  4. By enabling Manual filter, you can select custom values to show your customers. To do that, click Select values to show and add the values from the drop-down list. You can drag and drop the filter values to arrange their display position on the front store or apply rules to sort manual values by clicking Sort manual values.

    add manual filter values

  5. Exclude Manual Values: this help you hide specific values from the filter. For example, you set up a filter by Collection and want to exclude "Best Selling Products", "Promotion", and "Sale" from showing in the filter.

    exclude filter values

  6. Advanced settings for the Filter option

  • Display tooltip: If you want to show extra information about the filter option when the user moves the mouse pointer over an element.

    Filter tooltip

  • Tooltip content: Type the text to display in the tooltip

    Filter tooltip content

  • Values transformation: You can transform the filter values to uppercase, lowercase, or capitalize the first letter of each word.

Capitalized filter values

  • Show more type: Choose how the filter behaves when there are many filter values. You can set up the filter options to Scrollbar with maximum height, Show all, View more with maximum number of items, or View more with scrollbar.

Filter show more

  • Sort type: Specify how the filter values are sorted.

    Filter value sort

  • Initially collapsed: Set filter option initially collapsed on desktop:

Collapsed filter

  • Show search box on desktop/ mobile:

    Search box in filter

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