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Filter using range slider

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Price slider is a slider allowing users to slide the bar to select any price range they want. It has become popular in eCommerce websites as it gives a better user experience. The smoother your product searching is, the higher the conversion rate. It's one of the greatest ways to boost sales significantly.

  1. Create a new filter group or Edit the filter options in your desired filter group.

Refer: How to create a Filter Group.

  1. Click Add filter or click on the current Price filter option. A window will pop up to create/edit the Price filter value.

price range slider in filter

  1. Click on the Display mode. Select Range.

  2. Enter the number of ranges on the slider.

  3. Enter the Slider step. The step specifies the size of each movement (an increment or jump between values) of the slider control.

  4. Enter the range text format to display on the selected filter breadcrumb. Keep the format value {0}, and {1} unchanged as it represents the Min and Max values users choose.

price range slider display in filter

  1. Click CREATE/UPDATE to complete the process and check how the new filter value applies to your storefront.

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