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I store my SKUs and search terms in the product description, and it's usually very long more than 30k words. Your search engine does not search terms after around 20k long. How can I overcome this issue?

We limit the search term for a field to 20k max characters. If your description is over 20k long, please contact us to extend this limit.

Some keywords yield no results. Or SKU yields no results. Why?

  1. Please kindly check if keyword contains hyphen character - or any special character listed in the “Token delimiter characters” on the Search index setting page.
  2. If so, remove the special character from the "Token delimiter characters" list and add it to "Tentative tokens delimiter characters", wait a few secs, then hit Sync again.

Some products are not showing on our collections page

  1. Please check if the product is published or not. If not, please publish it.

  2. Check in App settings ⇒ Search index and check if 'Hide unavailable variants' is enabled. Then check if the product is sold out. If so, the product is not shown, and the app is working as expected.

  3. If you have many products being updated, updating a single product after that will need to wait for the update queue to complete. If you update a collection, the app may need to update all the products in the collection. So please wait for the update queue to complete.

I changed the sort order in the dropdown, but the results do not reflect the expected order. Why?

When Pinning or Merchandising rules are enabled in your collections, the app prioritizes the pinned items over the sort order. To allow sort order to override the pinning, please go to App settings ⇒ Advanced and enable Prioritize sort order over Merchandising rules and Prioritize sort order over pinning.

Some of the product variant sizes are not in the correct order in the swatches (S/M/L/XL)

On the Shopify admin, re-order the variants to follow your preferred order. Then on the Sobooster Search app, use the sync button to re-index and update the changes.

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