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Multilingual filters

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When selling products internationally, it may be necessary to localize product attributes and filter values for each locale. Our app automatically retrieves translation data from the Shopify Translation API to populate our filtering system every few hours. You can also manually sync new translation data by hitting the "Sync" button without waiting for our scheduled tasks. Additionally, you have the option to localize the titles of your filters.

Follow the steps below to enable multilingual filters:

Enable multilingual in app settings

  1. Navigate to App settings => Translation
  2. Toggle the Languages option to enable

Update the titles of your filters

  1. Navigate to Filters menu
  2. Select the desired filter group
  3. Click on a filter to open the Edit filter window
  4. You can now change the title for each locale
  5. Click on CREATE / UPDATE button to save changes

This feature is not yet available in our BigCommerce app.

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