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Merchandising rules are manual conditions that can be programmed into Sobooster Search & Filter to achieve business metrics such as sales, profit, and inventory turnover. These rules can be applied to both products and variant fields, allowing you to boost, bury, or exclude variants just like products.

With merchandising rules, you can dynamically arrange product displays by pushing products to the top or burying them to the bottom of search results or collection pages. You can define criteria for these rules using various product attributes such as product type, vendor, price, discount, color, product tag, and more. If the product information changes, these rules will take effect and reorder your products in real-time.

Sobooster Search & Filter offers the following merchandising tools

  1. Pin products: Set products to appear at the top of collection pages. For example, you can pin sales products to capture customers' attention during promotions.
  2. Boost products: Improve the ranking of products to a higher position on collection pages. For example, you can promote seasonal products during special events.
  3. Bury products: Move products lower on the collection pages. For example, you can bury items with mostly sold-out size or color variants.
  4. Include products: Add products to one or more collection pages. For example, you can include relevant products in your collection without modifying your collection rules in Shopify or BigCommerce.
  5. Exclude products: Hide products from one or more collection pages. For example, you can exclude out-of-stock or irrelevant products from appearing in your collections.
  6. Dynamic: Use this method to set or alter the ranking score of products.

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