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Remove app code after uninstallation manually

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Please follow this guide to remove the app code left after uninstallation.

1. Open edit code editor

Navigate to your theme and click Actions -> Edit code.

2. Remove usf code from theme.liquid

In the Layout, click on theme.liquid

Find (Ctrl + F) {% render 'usf' %} and delete it.

remove usf code

Click Save.

3. Remove the file containing the app code

In the search bar, type 'no-usf' to find the file that contains original theme code.

no usf file

After finding the file, search for the file in the search bar without the 'no-usf' prefix.

no usf prefix file

Delete the file without the 'no-usf' prefix. And then, rename the file with the 'no-usf' prefix to the original file name.

delete no prefix file

rename no usf file

Repeat the steps above until no 'no-usf' file is found.

Click Save.

If you insert the app code manually, please find all the snippets you add to your theme code. You may need to find <div id="usf_container"></div> and delete it.

5. Delete all files starting with usf in theme assets

usf assets

6. Delete usf.liquid in Snippets folder

usf snippet

7. Check your store to make sure the app code is removed

Please don't hesitate to contact us at support@sobooster.com if you need any help.

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