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Our app lets you edit the display of your filter when shoppers use your filters to narrow down their product search.

You can check out this comprehensive video to learn more about this feature.

Customize your filter

To edit the filter settings:

  1. From the app's admin, go to Settings > Filters.

  2. In the Filter section, you can customize your filter using all the settings below.

filter settings

  • Show product count: When enabled, the number of products is shown on the right on filter options.

  • Show filter options even if they have only one item.

    When enabled, a filter with only one filter value and its product count equal to the number of showing products is still shown. By default, this option is turned off because the collection page is the same with or without the filter value selected.

  • Scroll up on filter values change.

    When enabled, the widget scrolls up the browser view to the top when a user clicks on a filter option. This is for the vertical filter view only.

  • Hide unavailable variants if a filter value is selected: When enabled, the app hides unavailable variants if a filter value is selected.

  • Desktop-like filters on mobile: When enabled, the desktop filter style is used on mobile.

  • Dark mode: When enabled, storefront UI uses the dark color scheme.

  1. Wait for the app to update your filter settings.

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