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A filter layout defines how your filters are arranged on a theme. A suitable filter layout will speed up the customer product filtering process, resulting in more efficient touchpoints.

Our app provides two main types of filter layouts with various settings for both desktop and mobile versions and allows you to switch the position of your filter layout.

Filter layouts generated by our app are only displayed on collection pages containing the filter trees which are set up by our app.

Switch the position of your filter layout

When setting up Product Filter & Search on a certain theme, the app will ask you to select where you want to place your filter.

If you want to switch from a vertical layout to a horizontal layout or vice versa, you just need to follow four steps below:

To customize your current filter layout:

  1. From the app's admin, go to Settings > Filters.

  2. Change your current filter layout by turning on/off the Horizontal filters option.

  3. Wait a few seconds for the app to apply the new filter layout to your theme.

  4. Check how the new filter layout appears on your storefront.

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