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Pinning is assigning a top position to a product on a collection page or search results page. This can help you promote private-label products or increase profit with high-margin products.

How to pin products on Pin?

  1. From the admin dashboard, go to Search -> Pinning.

add search pin products

  1. Click Pin products. The Add Pin Products window will appear.

search create pinning

  1. Enter the target search term that triggers the product pinning.

  2. The pop-up window will show a result list for the target search term. Select to Apply the pinning on instant search results and/or search results page.

  3. Click the Pin icon. The pinned products will be added above from the list.

  4. You can select one or multiple products, then drag & drop to arrange their positions.

  5. You can unpin the products by clicking the X icon.

  6. Click Save to complete the process.

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