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What is Synonym?

The Synonyms tool allows you to specify which words should be considered equivalent in your search to return more results. For instance, if your customers search for "sneakers" but your products are labeled as "trainers", the search may yield zero results. By creating a simple synonyms list that includes "sneakers" and "trainers", you can ensure that your customers always find relevant products regardless of the terminology they use.

How to create Synonyms for Search?

  1. From the admin dashboard, navigate to Search > Synonyms.

add synonyms on search

  1. Click on Add synonyms. A window will appear.
  2. In the "Synonyms" field, list multiple words separated by commas or semi-colons, in lowercase and without whitespace. For example: sneakers, trainers, footwear, running shoes; or sneakers;trainers;footwear;running shoes.

create synonyms on search

  1. Click CREATE or UPDATE to finish the process.

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